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We’ll all get a lot of use out of this!

A pavilion, shelter, bandstand and theater all in one building!
Wilson Park is located near the heart of Milan’s downtown and is large enough for major regional
events. Milan citizens have long talked about a centrally located pavilion, gazebo or band shell to
make more use of our City’s crown jewel. In fact, Milan’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan has
called for one or more such amenities for decades. It’s time to stop talking and get to work!!

The Milan Parks and Recreation Commission has wished for a larger, more centrally located structure
so that it could serve a much larger range of uses. With our increasing stature as an important regional
gathering place for concerts, civic events and just plain fun, we’ve needed a new facility better
suited to our growing role. Thus this concept came about to serve all the needs that we currently
host and a lot of other uses on Milan’s wish list. For concerts, movies, car shows, fairs and major community events, the new Wilson Park Pavilionwill be something we can all be proud of!

You’ll want to hurry to do your part. The funding campaign has begun and the Parks and Recreation account has already taken in some generous donations! Pledges of in-kind support are also coming in. With your help we will reach our goal to construct the Wilson Park Pavilion in 2013.

Moving Milan Forward is happy to do our part to
help promote this project.

Bring your donation to Milan Parks and Recreation at Milan City Hall
For more information, please contact Milan Parks and Recreation at 734-439-1549


This 4700 sq. ft. facility
has loads of features that
will make it ideal for
many kinds of community

Here are just a few:

•Space for over 30 Craft Booths
•20 ft from Children’s Playground
•12‐acre Major Event Venue
•Covered Outdoor Markets
•Concert and Movie Shelter
•Park‐wide Lawn Concerts
•Outdoor Weddings
•Family Picnics
•Replace the “Big Tent” at the Fair
•Warming area for Skating Rink
•Civic and Church Functions




This facility will provide over 4700 sq. ft. of covered space.
The architectural details include ...


For more information, please contact
Milan Parks and Recreation at

The New Wilson Park Pavilion • Milan Parks and Recreation, Milan Michigan • 734-439-1549